Tax Planning and Preparation Services

Ledger Forces help companies and individuals understand their Tax obligations, plan and prepare their investments and expenditures accordingly to ensure compliance and at the same time profit maximization. Ledger Forces is adept at preparing Tax Documents and filing them in a punctual, accurate and effective manner. Our team is specialized in tax planning and preparation of the tax plan and ensures both the advice and services that clients receive are precise to their needs.

“A tax is a fine for doing well, a fine is a tax for doing wrong” – Mark Twair


The extra benefits that you gain are:

Your tax returns and the amount to be paid is calculated correctly with no extra being charged.

We analyze the finances of the company with the purpose of ensuring maximum tax efficiency.

Your tax return is filed on time and you are not required to pay the penalties to the Income-tax department.

We plan your tax and ensure to get your future finances right by filing the tax return within the due date.

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Our Services for Tax Planning and Preparation?

  • Advising on tax savings
  • Tax computation for Individual or Business
  • Suggestions to save tax
  • Returns filing for individual and corporate

Our Process

We have a simple process to make it easy for everyone.

All the information related to your tax returns is collected and prepare a plan by our team and we ensure to give you transparent information about your tax information.

After computing the tax, we prepare your tax plan accordingly to ensure that you get profit maximization for your business.

Once the tax plan is completed, you should pay the calculated tax. Your tax returns are filed and secured safely.