Software Development Services

Digital partner for small, medium and large businesses

Objective: Become a software services partner for enterprises, establish long-term partnerships and generate continuous revenue growth

Services: Design, Development / Implementation, Infrastructure management, QA

  • Technologies: PHP, .NET (C# & ASP), Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript
  • SaaS: Salesforce, Shopify, ServiceNow, Peoplesoft
  • XaaS: Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure), IBM platforms, SAP, Oracle
  • Nextgen: Elixir, Go Lang, Phoenix, Groovy on Grails

Who do we need to target?

Who: CXOs, Key Decision Makers

What: Companies with > 100 employees, Yearly revenue at least $10M, Located in Americas, APAC, MEA and EU/GBR, industry (need to be defined.

Why: They seek low cost, less complex services, non-branded services and hence trust barrier is low. Will focus on larger companies as we build competencies and customer experience cases.

Where: Referrals, LinkedIn, Other social networks, Outreach (emails and calls), Inbound via marketing.

When/Time: Should be readily available to offer services

How: Offer low cost sample services, pilot services, offer free tech consulting, productization/bundling of certain services for fixed costs.

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What do we need? Resources

Man power

  • Direct Sales Team
  • Sales partners

Sales assets

  • Website and social media presence
  • A comprehensive sales pitch deck/s


  • CRM and marketing tools
  • Sales process playbook

What is our plan?

  • Identify contacts in our network who can refer us to projects, contracts, clients, etc.
  • Create profiles on Upwork, Ariba, and B2B marketplaces and market aggressively.
  • Lead generation and email campaigning
  • Cold calling
  • Inbound - Social media and other digital marketing channels
  • Hire sales professionals on contract basis
  • Identify organizations that could be our potential customers
  • The person should search, identify and establish relationships/partnerships in those organizations
  • Nurture the relationships to deal wins
  • This could be a long-term process and is not immediate. However, this will be very rewarding.
  • Time & Material Pricing
  • Fixed cost projects - definition and rates
  • Bundle multiple services together and define pricing for it
  • Highlight the bundled services on the website and create a facility for customers to generate quote
  • Fixed cost projects that can be defined such as cloud deployment, testing, SSL certificate, etc.
  • Upsell / Cross sell strategies
  • Define pricing strategy - fixed cost or subscription based.