Online Payroll Services for Small Businesses – LedgerForces

Payroll is not just about giving the check to the employee. The payroll process has a lot more to do rather than just calculating the time spent by employee in the office. We at Ledger Forces have knowledge of tax deductions, documentation of employee files, changes in payroll laws, timesheet management, register maintenance, commission statement, etc. we make sure to manage the employee payroll with the utmost care and make the payroll process easy and simple.

You will get hassle-free payroll solutions with us.


The extra benefits that you gain are:

Payroll is useful for all the businesses and companies that have salaried employees working with them.

With us, you can get your employees payroll calculated correctly, with each and everything being mentioned properly.

Get our payroll service with ease at your convenient. There is not much to be done as it is an automated service.

Outsourced Payroll Services for small midsize companies

Our Services for Payroll

  • Generating Payroll (For all regions)
  • Preparing Employees Tax reports
  • Managing Payslips
  • Generating Form 16s
  • Form 24Q filing in TDS quarterly returns
  • W-2 Form filings

Our Process

We have a simple process to make it easy for everyone.

We collect information about employee in-time and out-time in the pay period. This automated recording of the time will make it easy for calculating the salaries.

The extra earnings for working extra time or deductions for coming late or other reasons can be calculated easily with our software.

The salaries are paid with your chosen mode of payment. The amount will be credited to the employees on the payday.