Financing Assistance Services

When you are need of financing assistance, then ledger force could be the best choice for you. Working Capital is very important to run the complete business cycle. Financial assistance does play a vital role in many companies to grow. It is important for a company to know about their financial status before taking any kind of step. When you plan to start a new business or want to expand your business, a financial analysis is important. You cannot go forward without having any knowledge about where your finances would be

Financial freedom is a mental, emotional and educational process – Robert Kiyosaki

What Great Do You Get?

The extra benefits that you gain are:

We will guide you through the investing procedure such as where to invest at what time. It will definitely result in a positive output.

You will receive the tax advisory which can save you so much money while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

You will get to engage with different banking sectors and have close interactions with them.

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What do we offer in financing assistance

Ledger Forces team coordinate with Banks and other financial institutions to setup the following (based on the availability)

  • Line of Credit Setup
  • Over Draft Setup
  • Working Capital Loans with Banks & NBFCs
  • Business Loans
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Getting Corporate Credit Cards

How We Do It?

We have got simple process for making it easy for you

You will receive the financial assistance within the payable management. There is no need for you to spend more on it.

There could be many times where you will be in need of banks help, we will assess you through the procedure.

We will analyze all the terms concerning your contract and will make sure that you will end up with the most profits.