Bookkeeping and Accounting

Ledger Forces provide specialized services for day-to-day accounting transactional functions which include, bookkeeping, accounts receivables, budgeting and forecasting, financial statement preparation, etc. Bookkeeping and accounting is a systematic recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business which includes, purchases, sales, receipts and payments made by the business or company. This optimizes the financial performance of the company at every stage. With accounting, you can get an idea of your company’s or business financial position.

“Accounting is the language of business” – Warren Buffett

What Great Do You Get?

The extra benefits that you gain are:

Bookkeeping and accounting goal is to give you a clear understanding of your business financial position.

With bookkeeping and accounting, you can get an idea of your expenses and incomes based on which you can plan and control the budget.

Accurate accounting helps you to consider the results and then make purchasing decisions on new assets.

What do we offer in Bookkeeping and Accounting?

  • Timesheet Management
  • Billing for goods sold or services provided to clients
  • Recording receipts from customers
  • Verifying and recording invoices received from suppliers
  • Paying suppliers
  • Processing employees' pay and the related governmental reports
  • Monitoring individual accounts receivables
  • Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries
  • Providing financial reports

How We Do It?

We have got a simple process for making it easy for you

The transactions are recorded in the appropriate books of accounts making it easy for you to differentiate them.

We quantify the transaction in monetary terms and check if those accounts are to be debited or credited.

We prepare the financial statements which include income statement, balance sheet, statement of retained earnings and cash flow statement.